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Flutin is a music discovery platform focused towards independent artists. Using AI, Flutin tracks music listening behaviour of the users and recommends the most relevant tracks from emerging and independent artists, thus helping them discover new music and providing better and relevant exposure to the artists. Flutin has over 9 ...

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Zeynep Yasar

Finally Heard: Flutin First Helps India’s Hidden Talent Raise its Voice

Aspiring artists face daunting fights to fame in any era, and the current state of the world only makes the battle harder. The singers and songwriters with stories to tell have no way of raising their voices or reaching an audience, no way of turning that clever lyric or inspiring melody into a hit.

Flutin First, the new artist incubator program from international music startup Flutin, is designed to give them everything they need to rise above adversity and make the music they were destined to make. The program allows artists to submit from anywhere and is guided by esteemed entertainment and media experts.

The process is simple. Artists submit their original songs here. A panel of celebrity mentors, including Punjabi pop legend Sukhbir Singh, will select the most promising tracks. From there, “they will have an all-expenses paid studio session to create a professional recording of their original song, with all the production and other help they’ll need. We’ll also pay for a high-quality video of their tracks,” explains Vishu Gupta, Flutin’s founder and former aspiring artist himself. The songs of Flutin First will receive dedicated social media promotion and a featured spot on Flutin.

“I remember the struggle of making my way as a musician all too well,” recalls Singh, who was so excited about Flutin he became an advisor and investor in the app. “Those days were hard. It’s wonderful to make them easier for some of India’s phenomenal talent.”

Artists come first for Flutin, and Flutin First is one way the increasingly internationally popular app evens the playing field for new sounds. The algorithm that powers the app was designed to promote budding artists’ songs among the right listeners, which adds up to big opportunity.

“We founded Flutin to get more new artists to more music fans,” explains Gupta. “I’m excited to support emerging artists by giving them what they need most when they are starting out, a helping hand to let them live their dreams.”

Flutin First is accepting compositions here. The program will accept entries on an ongoing basis.