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Indian startup Flutin launches an incubator for emerging artists

Music Ally has written a couple of times about Indian music-discovery app Flutin recently. First, in October, when the company announced that it had 370,000 daily active users streaming around 3m tracks a day, and then again in January when it revealed an investment from artist Sukhbir Singh.

Now the startup, whose app recommends music playlists featuring independent artists based on listeners’ mood and location, is trying something new. It has launched an ‘emerging artist incubator’ called Flutin First, encouraging new Hindi and Punjabi-language artists to submit their original compositions. Six will be chosen as winners, with Flutin paying for studio recording, video production and social media promotion to turn them into tracks. “After the song and its video are ready for the world, they will be available on Flutin and Flutin’s YouTube channel. A large portion of all revenue from the track will go to the artist,” explained the company.